About Hoop Dance

Hoop Dance or “Hooping” is an emerging form of dance that involves hula hooping on more than just the waist. Hoop dancers can spin hoop(s) on their arms, neck, shoulders, and even on their legs!

Professional hoop dancers can be found performing with circus troupes and at dance clubs, casinos, live music shows, festivals and special events. You can also find hoopers performing casually at local fairs, parties, and fundraisers.

Hoop dance is also fitness disguised as fun! A study by the American Council on Exercise found that a thirty-minute hooping workout burns around 200 calories! Dancing with a hula hoop is a low-impact & effective cardiovascular activity that also helps to build core strength, coordination, focus, body awareness, flexibility, grace, confidence, and creativity.

In recent years hooping has become popularized not only as a recognized performance art, but also as an effective workout regimen. Hoop Dance is now regarded as an alternative fitness option alongside popular activities like kickboxing, breakdancing, Bollywood dancing, and belly dancing. Pilates and Yoga studios are also known to sometimes offer Hoop Dance classes in addition to their regular classes, as all of these disciplines help to build strength, balance, and flexibility.

Try a hoop dance class today and see for yourself!

About Teaching Artist Jessica Schadt a.k.a. “Jessie S.”

Jessie is a lifelong artist, athlete & fitness enthusiast who has a professional background working at various companies doing all things creative.

Jessie has been hoop dancing since 2010 and has several hoop dance videos featured on www.hooping.org. She also teaches/performs other circus and aerial art forms (since 2015) including poi, poi flags, circus manipulations & balance props, aerial silks, aerial rope, etc. She has experience teaching students of all ages… kids, teens, and adults!

Jessie has also performed and/or taught at many different style events including (but not limited to): formal and casual receptions, parties, festivals, stage shows, and weddings.

(To see a list of Jessie’s current & past hoop dance/circus & aerial arts classes and events visit: Classes/Events)

Jessie continues to expand her knowledge in creative movement & dance for children, youth, and teens via self-study on these topics. She applies techniques learned from various books and resources to her teaching methods to create inclusive and fun activities for all ages.

Each year, Jessie also attends flow and circus arts themed classes, seminars, workshops, and camps to further expand her practice.


List of Continuing Studies In Hoop Dance & Flow/Circus Arts (by year attended):

2018-Aerial Silks Level 4, Winter Semester (Circus Place)
2017-Aerial Apparatus Teacher’s Training Intensive (Circus Place)
2017-Cyr Wheel, Fall Semester (Secret Circus)
2017-Aerial Silks III, Fall Semester (Circus Place)
2017- AYCO (American Youth Circus Organization) Festival
2017- Rope & Aerial Silks, Private Lessons (Jackie Z./Circus Place)
2017- Rope, Winter Semester (Circus Place)
2017-Aerial Silks III, Winter Semester (Circus Place)
2016-Aerial Silks III, Fall Semester (Circus Place)
2016-Trapeze I, Summer Semester (Circus Place)
2016-Rope/Spanish Web, Summer Semester (Circus Place)
2016-Aerial Silks III, Summer Semester (Circus Place)
2016-Aerial Apparatus Teacher’s Training (Circus Place)
2016-Ground Skills Teacher’s Training (Circus Place)
2016-R2R Gathering/Flow Arts Workshop Camp
2016-Aerial Silks II, Winter/Spring Semester (Circus Place)
2015-Aerial Silks II, Fall Semester (Circus Place)
2015-Aerial Silks I, Summer Semester (Circus Place)
2015-R2R Gathering/Flow Arts Workshop Camp
2015-Poi/Flag Spinning, Spring Semester (Circus Place)
2015-Aerial Silks I, Spring Semester (Circus Place)
2015-Aerial Sampler/Intro to Aerials, Winter Semester (Circus Place)
2014-R2R Gathering/Flow Arts Workshop Camp
2013-R2R Gathering/Flow Arts Workshop Camp
2013-Doubles Hoop Workshop (M.Porretta/Flow Wellness)
2011-Intermediate Hoop Dance (J. Web/Studio 34)
2010-Beginner Hoop Dance (J. Web/Studio 34)

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