About Hoop Dance

Hoop Dance or “Hooping” is both a recognized performance art and an effective workout regimen for all ages. A study by the American Council on Exercise found that a thirty-minute hooping workout burns around 200 calories!

Hooping involves hula hooping on more than just the waist. Hoop dancers can spin hoops on their arms, neck, shoulders, and legs. There are also many tosses, catches, body rolls, and combination tricks to learn. Once mastered, series of moves can be linked together to create a dance flow. Hoop Dance can also be choreographed for solo and group routines.

Professional hoop dancers can be found teaching and performing with circus troupes, at circus schools, and with flow arts groups worldwide. You may also see hoop dancers (both hobbyists and professionals) performing at music festivals and other public events.

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About Teaching Artist Jessica Schadt a.k.a. “Jessie S.”

Jessie is a lifelong artist, athlete & fitness enthusiast with a professional creative background. She has been teaching and performing circus arts since 2010 and has experience teaching students of all ages.

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